Sunday, January 29, 2012

Meh I'm back =p

Its 2012!

2 freaking years since I last posted anything in this god forsaken blog of mine. But i have the urge to since there are lots of things that happened in the beginning of this year. First and foremost a Happy New Year to everyone who is reading (but i think there will be none).

Chinese New Year feels like just another day, I got the feeling that there is a lot of people feeling the same. Ain't as happening as it was back during my younger days where everybody everywhere in whichever dark or brightly lit streets set off mass amount of contraband fireworks. Kids play outside lighting crackers and throwing pops all around. Kinda miss the feeling, now Chinese New Year feels so awfully quiet with kids playing their PSP, NDS, laptops and hand held mobiles. Time has indeed changed towards something which is less.....memorable.

Instead of remembering who made who cried, or who made big bucks on the table. Kids these days will remember more of "I got max level in my game!" instead of some family time. Boring as it is, sometimes out of the boredom one would find something interesting or something stupid to do to entertain themselves. We get lots of good memories and stories out of these instances of being bored. I was accused of pushing my cousin into the pool and that one incident got me stuck with the title "THE ONE THAT PUSHED HER INTO THE POOL". Honestly I was framed = = dang cousins pushed me which caused a domino effect.

So there you have it! There is nothing memorable for the new year celebrations! What memorable beginning this is for the year 2012.

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